Thursday, September 26, 2013

Nvidia! I need GeForce driver for 3.12 kernel! Do you need help? :)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Whew... :)

I can't believe that only three months ago I was selected for the program.
I worked on presentation slides for LinuxCon UK today. I have to admit - I like working on code much more that on slides :)

Anyways, I progress towards second patch submission, though rinsing the patchsets might take some time yet. But vNUMA feauture was freezed for Xen 4.4! So no rest after program is over, but actually I dont feel I really need it. I feel good about last changes in my code, I look at it without shruging my shoulders :)

Also, exciting enough is my attendance at GNU 30th celebration hackaton at MIT :) I will get prepared. Looking forwrad to meet Linux Foundation people and other hackers, as well as OPW participants!

repos has been moved to by xen-devel community request.

After the program I will commit more time and post detailed program results...
I wish I would do it for another few months! But in any case, there is no way back and I will keep hacking. Makes me content.