Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I am really busy. 

I have days when I think I know how exactly solve everything :)
Sometime I go dark.

I hit an NP-problem with memory allocation. Because of the timing issue I have decided to avoid it and instead made it very simple, for now. I will sure have time to improve.. but still its NP-problem.

The code grows, I am pushing it hard so it will make to the xen-devel and lklm this week.
Huge work ahead of me on organizing patches, commenting them and formatting, rebasing and applying to the current trees. After the review, I will have to fix all errors or make changes and all over again :)

Well, in draft the whole project works, few bits there and there.
But every day I see more and more room for improvement and I also know what maintainters will tell me :)
But its ok, Id rather push it a bit and have the rest of the time for fixing and communicating.

The very-very important thing I have learned - prototyping!
I can now prototype some pieces of my tasks pretty quickly and this helps great deal. When dealing with a lot of code, this kind of modeling helps to see your algorithm very quick, test all corner cases (or most of them ;), debug and move back to the project efficiently.

So, as I am approaching official code submission, I'd better go off writing change list :)