Monday, August 5, 2013

Leaving job is not easy when looking for replacement admin

Well, thats a milestone I think. 
The vNUMA in real NUMA, going to live on real hardware... 10, 9, 8.. Until I am fixing some compile time errors.. )

I had a great day working on the project and not that great at my part-time work. Actually, these were very frustrating 4 hours.. Out of my life and project.
Funny, I interview poeple to replace me.. cool beans, I put up few tech (linux) questions as a first filter considering my other experience when I was interviewed. Questions are like this: what is inode, swap, zombie, some bash, some about getting info not from commands, but from /proc, some easy troubleshooting.
Not so hard? No! But looks like its hard for some people to comprehend why I ask all this. I am probably not right, my questions are obscure, but I use them just to start off from somewhere. And the point is not to ask something that anyone can google in a second. 
One person today was rude, he asked me questions after I ask mine, he would constantly repeat FIFO... Why the hell you bring up fifo answering questions about paging? And he refused to continue at the end.. Upsetting. Upsetting to loose time, upsetting when people have an attitude, upsetting to hear things such 'I dont work at places where there are no tools'! Wow, you need a pillow too?
Anyways, I am not a recruiter, I do not know how to interview people.. But sometimes you got to think out of the box then DataCenter is on fire.

And tools, yes, tools are important. But how now to understand if person can think if question only about commands? Or when you can download any script you like and run it.